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Thousands of online searches are done each month by potential customers in your area looking for a business just like yours.


Our proven strategies drive targeted traffic to your site so that you can reach more customers.


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Our first priority is to create a strategic search plan that ensures a positive ROI so that your hard working dollars are going towards growing your business. We know what the bottom line is, and that’s what our Scottsdale SEO company aims to sky-rocket!


We dive into your business to completely understand the products and services you offer and how customers are searching for them online. We then isolate key terms that will drive targeted traffic to your site and arm your business with online fire power!


Finally, our SEO experts ignite a search marketing strategy to make sure you get found, and get chosen. You’ll no longer miss out on valuable business that your competition is taking advantage of; you’ll begin to breakaway!


We send out monthly ranking reports so you can see exactly how you’re performing and what’s driving growth. In addition, we love to include noteworthy news that keeps you up-to-date with changes in the industry so you stay ahead of the rest.


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We make sure you not only make it to the first page of Google, but that you dominate it! Our team researches, plans, and executes profitable online marketing campaigns that put you in front of customers in order to grow your business.

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Search engine optimization services are some of the most sought out in today’s modern business environments since most operations have been digitized. Ever since researchers determined that roughly 60% of online sales start from organic search engine results, many companies have taken various steps towards improving their online search rankings as a way of driving more traffic to their site. In sophisticated places like Scottsdale, finding an SEO company and specialist should not be an overwhelming task. However, landing measurable top-level optimization services will require careful consideration of any given Scottsdale SEO company


Benefits of Optimization

It is a proven fact that effective SEO can result in numerous benefits to any business. Digitus Prime is an experienced and proven Scottsdale internet marketing company that focuses on cutting-edge practices. There are a handful of distinct attributes that separate expert services, such as our own, from others. With that said, SEO is a dynamic field that requires constant watch and an adaptive nature in order to stay on top and stay effective. Here are a few benefits of effective optimization that separate top talent:

• Better ranking – This is the prime purpose of any SEO technique used. The end goal is to get your sites and pages ranked in top places and first pages of search results whether regional or international.

• Increased sales – Better ranking equals improved online visibility, more traffic which translates to potential increase in conversion rates. When more people interact with your business, it stands a better chance of making more sales and revenues.

• Improved connectivity – SEO includes optimizing the site for a smooth online experience and seamless transition between pages and windows. With effective services, your interfaces and engagement platforms will be improved to offer unique experiences that heighten connectivity and interaction with customers. Increase in incoming traffic also contributes to improved customer connections.

Other benefits include multi-platform visibility, brand building, marketing and advertisement, link building and expanding business outreach to new markets.

What To Look For

There are many companies that claim to offer the best Scottsdale search engine optimization professionals. However, only a few can actually guarantee desirable results that are measurable. It is therefore very important to keenly evaluate the company before contracting their proclaimed best services. Some of the things to look for in a SEO company include reputation, experience, customer services and support frameworks, strategic SEO and success rates. The easiest way to determine whether a given company fulfills its promises is through finding previous customers and their reviews or opinions. Always choose companies that depict ultimate expertise and professional knowledge in the field. SEO goals and results must be measurable and there should be quality guarantees including refund provisions where no meaningful change is realized within the first few days or weeks. Choose Scottsdale SEO experts with 24 hour support and multiple communication channels for convenience and immediate assistance.


Online businesses can barely survive without proper optimization which is why these services are in high demand. However, optimization is a process and most of the immediate top ranking promotions are false claims. It is important to choose a company that offers a more comprehensive approach for long term positioning and presence. Nonetheless, those running marketing campaigns for specific pages that require fast traffic within a short time may opt for quick methods that result in a few hours of top spot in results. At Digitus Prime, we service clients in Scottsdale, Mesa, and the greater Phoenix, AZ area. Contact us today: (480) 382-6573


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